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Technical Specifications: Shot

Rule 188 (4)

Construction.  The shot shall be of solid iron, brass or any metal not softer than brass, or a shell of such metal filled with lead or other material.  It shall be spherical in shape and its surface shall have no roughness and the finish shall be smooth. The IAAF has now specified that “smooth” ” is having a surface average height of 1.6µM, i.e a roughness number of N7 or less.  

 WMA is the World Masters Athletics.

Rule 188 (4) - Shall conform to the following specifications:

Open Men - U20 Men - U18 Men - Women


Men                                        A                                             B                                             C                                             WMA max

Open &U20                          7.260       (16lb)                     7.265-7.285                            110-130mm                        

U20 men                               6.000                                       6.005-6.025                           105-125mm

U18 men                               5.000                                       5.005-5.025                           100-120mm                         115mm

U16 men                               4.000                                       4.005-4.025                           95-110mm                            130mm (M)

U14 men                               3.000                                       3.005-3.025                           85-105mm                            110mm



Open U20/U18/U16            4000                                       4.005-4025                            95-110mm

U14 women                          3000                                       3.005-3025                            85-105mm

The above weights are the minimum for competition and record purposes. The range for supply by manufacturers is +5 grams minimum to +25 grams maximum.

B & C

Measuring tools.

1.      Small sized vernier or digital calipers to measure up to 130mm.

 2.     Go/no-go templates with 85, 95, 100, 105, 110, 120, 125 and 130mm holes.  Can be made from Laminex, plastic or steel with holes cut with an adjustable hole scribe/drill.