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Technical Specifications: Discus

Rule 189(1)

Construction. The body of the discus shall be made of wood, or other suitable material, with a metal rim, the edge of which shall be circular. The cross section of the edge shall be rounded in a true circle having a radius of approximately 6mm.

There may be circular plates set flush into the centre of the sides. Alternatively, the discus may be made without metal plates, provided that the equivalent area is flat and the measurements and total weight of the implement correspond to the specifications.

Each side of the discus shall be identical and shall be made without indentations, projections or sharp edges. The sides shall taper in a straight line from the beginning of the curve of the rim to a circle of a radius of 25mm to 28.5mm from the centre of the discus.

The discus, including the surface of the rim shall have no roughness and the finish shall be smooth and uniform throughout. The IAAF has now specified that "smooth" is having a surface roughness height not greater than 1.60 micro metres ( 63 micro inches)


Rule 189 (2) - Shall conform to the following specifications:

Open Men - U20 Men - U18 Men - Women

  Open Men U20 U18 Men Women
Weight 2.000 - 2.025kg 1.750 - 1.775kg 1.500 - 1.525kg 1.000 - 1.025kg
Outside diameter of metal rim 219 - 221mm 210 - 212mm 200 - 202mm 180 - 182mm
Diameter of central plate 50 - 57mm 50 - 57mm 50 - 57mm 50 - 57mm
Thickness over central plate 40 - 46mm 41 - 43mm 38 - 40mm 37 - 39mm
Thickness of rim (6mm from edge) 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm

The above weights are the minimum for competition and record purposes. The range for supply by manufacturers is +5 grams minimum to +25 grams maximum.

B & C

Measuring tools:

1. Large size vernier or digital calipers, up to 250mm capacity.

2. Go/no-go template made from Laminex or steel which checks the diameters, widths and thickness and has a 12mm rim diameter template on its edge.