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Code Description Price incl GST
HJ-CB-FLE High Jump Crossbar Training $39.90  
TR-HU-STEP Step Hurdles

3 heights, 15cm, 23cm, 29cm

TR-HU-PVC Small Training hurdle adjusts to  heights ---   45cm, 52cm, 60cm 

10% discount for 4 or more

Medium Training hurdle adjusts to  heights - 68cm, 76cm, 84cm, 92cm 

10% discount for 4 or more

Large Training hurdle adjusts to  heights - 84cm, 92cm, 99cm 106.7cm

10% discount for 4 or more

FA-MA-4 100mm high marking hats $2.50 


100mm high marking hats set of 10 $22.00
TR-LAD-4M 8m training ladders in carry bag.. $43.75
TR-MB-100-37 Medicine Ball Loumet 1kg Blue $23.40  
TR-MB-200-37 Medicine Ball Loumet 2kg Red $38.20        
TR-MB-300-37 Medicine Ball Loumet 3kg Green $57.10       
TR-MB-400-37 Medicine Ball Loumet 4kg Yellow $69.20      
TR-MB-500-37 Medicine Ball Loumet 5kg Blue $83.00       
TR-MB-600-37 Medicine Ball Loumet 6kg Orange $95.20  
TR-MB-700-37 Medicine Ball Loumet 7kg $108.40  
TR-MB-800-37 Medicine Ball Loumet 8kg $119.60  
TR-MB-900-37 Medicine Ball Loumet 9kg $131.80  
TR-MB-1000-37 Medicine Ball Loumet 10kg 145.20  
TR-CH-SM Small parachute $32.75  
TR-CH-ME Medium Parachute $35.75  
TR-CH-LG Large parachute $38.75  
TR-SS-600 6m Overspeed Resistance Cord $65.00  
TR-ST-BAG-5 5kg Strength bag $90.00  
TR-SL-FIX Steel Sled $85.00