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Code Description
Prices incl GST
Smaller shot are built to Little Athletics sizes, the others to IAAF rules 
All shot are made round in a lathe and have screw in plugs 
Turned shot  
SH-TU-050 Shot turned 500gm 65mm


SH-TU-100-11 Shot turned 1kg 76mm
SH-TU-150-11 Shot turned 1.5kg 82mm
SH-TU-200-11 Shot turned 2kg
SH-TU-300-11 Shot turned 3kg
SH-TU-400-11 Shot turned 4kg
SH-TU-500-11 Shot turned 5kg
SH-TU-600-11 Shot turned 6kg
SH-TU-726-11 Shot turned 7.26kg
Training shot  
SH-TU-625-11 Shot turned 6.25kg
SH-TU-650-11 Shot turned 6.5kg 129mm
Specific diameter shot 4kg Specific diameters (IAAF number) 
SH-CO-495-11 4kg 95mm
SH-CO-400-11 4kg 100mm IAAF certified (1-99-0136-blue)
SH-CO-404-11 4kg 104mm IAAF certified (1-99-0137-black)
SH-CO-408-11 4kg 108mm IAAF certified (1-99-0094-red)
Specific diameter shot 7.26kg Specific diameters (IAAF number) 
SH-CO-710-11 7.26kg 110mm
SH-CO-720-11 7.26kg 120mm IAAF certified (1-99-0133-blue)
SH-CO-725-11 7.26kg 125mm IAAF certified (1-99-0134-black)
SH-CO-728-11 7.26kg 128mm IAAF certified (1-99-0093-yellow)
Specific diameter shot 5kg Specific diameters
SH-CO-514-11 5kg 114mm
Specific diameter shot 6kg Specific diameters
SH-CO-605-11 6kg 105mm
Brass shot 4kg & 7.26kg made from brass (IAAF number)
SH-BR-495-11 4kg 95mm Brass shot (1-99-0135)
SH-BR-710-11 7.26kg 110mm Brass shot (1-99-0144)
Stainless Shot 4kg & 7.26kg made from stainless steel (IAAF number)
SH-SS-495-11 4kg 95mm (1-99-0139)
SH-SS-710-11 7.26kg 110mm
SH-SS-729-11 7.26kg 129mm (1-99-0145)