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Code Description Price incl GST
HJ-CB-END-22 High Jump Cross Bar Ends "D" $6.95
HJ-CB-FLE-65 Crossbar Training $39.90
HJ-CB-NEL Nelco Crossbar meets IAAF rules $220.00
HJ-CB-STR-07 Crossbar catching straps $13.80
HJ-MA-TAK-26 Takeoff Markers High Jump $6.00
HJ-ME-STE HJ Measure Stick 2m Steel with markings $87.00
HJ-ME-TAP-83 Tape for measuring stick $45.00
HJ-ST-OLY-11 High Jump Stand Olympic Pro $1,656.00
HJ-ST-ROLA High Jump Stand Rollaway Aluminum $642.00
HJ-ST-ROLS High Jump Stand Rollaway Steel $390.00
HJ-ST-COM High Jump Stand Competition $356.00