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Code Description
Price incl GST
Rubber discus Used mainly by primary schools and little athletics
DI-RB-C35-11 350gm Rubber discus black with coloured centre
DI-RB-C50-11 500gm Rubber discus black with coloured centre
DI-RB-C75-11 750gm Rubber discus black with coloured centre
DI-RB-100-11 1kg Rubber discus black with coloured centre
Wood Wood discus with 65% to 68% rim weight
DI-WD-075-11 Wood discus 750 gm
DI-WD-100-11 Wood discus 1kg
DI-WD-150-11 Wood discus 1.5kg
DI-WD-175-11 Wood discus 1.75kg
DI-WD-200-11 Wood discus 2kg
School Low spin discus with 70% rim weight
DI-LP-075-11 Purple discus 750gm
DI-LP-100-11 Purple discus 1kg
DI-LP-125-11 Purple discus 1.25kg
DI-LP-150-11 Purple discus 1.5kg
DI-LP-175-11 Purple discus 1.75kg
DI-LP-200-11 Purple discus 2kg
Challenger Low spin discus with 73% rim weight
DI-CH-075-11 Challenger discus 750gm
DI-CH-100-11 Challenger discus 1kg
DI-CH-125-11 Challenger discus 1.25kg


DI-CH-150-11 Challenger discus 1.5kg
DI-CH-175-11 Challenger discus 1.75kg
DI-CH-200-11 Challenger discus 2kg
Low Spin Red Worlds oldest discus with 75% rim weight
DI-LR-075-11 Low spin red discus 750gm


DI-LR-100-11 Low spin red discus 1kg


DI-LR-125-11 Low spin red discus 1.25kg


DI-LR-150-11 Low spin red discus 1.5kg
DI-LR-175-11 Low spin red discus 1.75kg
DI-LR-200-11 Low spin red discus 2kg
Super Spin Blue Super spin discus with 80% rim weight
DI-BL-075-11 Super blue discus 750gm


DI-BL-100-11 Super blue discus 1kg
DI-BL-125-11 Super blue discus 1.25kg


DI-BL-150-11 Super blue discus 1.5kg
DI-BL-175-11 Super blue discus 1.75kg
DI-BL-200-11 Super blue discus 2kg
Ultimo Super spin discus with 83% rim weight
DI-UMO-075-11 Ultimo discus 750gm


DI-UMO-100-11 Ultimo discus 1kg


DI-UMO-150-11 Ultimo discus 1.5kg


DI-UMO-175-11 Ultimo discus 1.75kg


DI-UMO-200-11 Ultimo discus 2kg


Super Spin Black Super spin discus with 85% rim weight
DI-SB-100-11 Super black discus 1kg
DI-SB-150-11 Super black discus 1.5kg
DI-SB-175-11 Super black discus 1.75kg
DI-SB-200-11 Super black discus 2kg
Super Spin Gold Super spin discus with 87% rim weight
DI-SG-100-11 Super gold discus 1kg
DI-SG-150-11 Super gold discus 1.5kg
DI-SG-175-11 Super gold discus 1.75kg
DI-SG-200-11 Super gold discus 2kg
Odyssey Super spin discus with 93% rim weight
DI-ODY-100-11 Odyssey 1kg
DI-ODY-150-11 Odyssey 1.5kg
DI-ODY-175-11 Odyssey 1.75kg
DI-ODY-200-11 Odyssey 2kg
Ultra Spin Ultra spin discus with 93% rim weight
DI-UL-100-11 Ultra spin discus 1kg
DI-UL-200-11 Ultra spin discus 2kg
Carry Bags Bags to carry discus

DI-CB-100-11 Small carry bag
DI-CB-200-11 Large carry bag